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[26 Nov 2004|12:11pm]


do dat damn thang

[23 Nov 2004|11:33pm]

Hello, I'm new. I just moved to Boardman/Youngstown Ohio from Clarion, Pennsylvania.
It's taken awhile for me to get adjusted, but I'm doing well, thanks.

I'm big on music, especially unsigned bands. I also silkscreen band tshirts, if your interested. Just purchase the shirts. I'll do the screening for free.
Its that simple.

I need friends. Anyone want a friend? I do.
Want to be my friend? Message me on my lj.
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with a bang... [08 Nov 2004|10:26am]


video games - cheap beer - rock bands

[07 Nov 2004|05:34pm]

Hey. Just joined. Wanted to say hello. I'm not really big on the local music scene...but I've never seen any of it. :) Maybe once I've seen it, I'd like it. You think? well. Hi.
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First post. [06 Nov 2004|01:59pm]
Welcome to the Youngstown_Area community.

Created more as a target for the local music scene, feel free to discuss any issue you desire, as long as it has some relevance to Youngstown or closely surrounding areas. Anyone is welcome to join, so spread the word.

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